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Q & A of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium on information security for people travelling to China
2022-01-12 06:20

Q: Recently, according to the report of some Belgian media, the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee gave an advice to the athletes who will go to China for the Beijing Winter Olympics not to bring their mobile phones and laptops in order to avoid being exposed to cyber-espionage. What is your comment on this?

A: The claim that relevant Belgian personnel travelling to China may be at risk of cyber-espionage is completely unfounded and the worries are unnecessary. The Chinese government is a firm defender of cybersecurity and firmly opposes any form of cyber-espionage and cyber attack activities.  In recent years, China has put in place several cyber security laws, including Cybersecurity Law, Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law etc. The privacy and information security of Chinese citizens and foreign visitors to China are all well protected according to law.

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